Samreen from Lahore 46 Saal Age | Unmarried | Want to Marry urgent

Hello to all online friends! My name is Samreen I live in Lahore. I am 46 years old not married yet unmarried. Age is enough. Marriage is not happening. I am not getting a good relationship, that’s why I am sharing my online profile, marriage will find a good person.

I want to get married soon. Bcoz the age has passed. And you people are paradise today is made by today’s joke. Humans adapt quickly. The hair turns white. I am still 46 years old.

Romila 48 years old from Gujarat Divorced | Someone will marry me.
When Larky’s age is over 30, our parents start to worry a lot. Larky can’t sleep at night. He knows who will marry us now? Relationships of bari-omar larks are very difficult.

Everyone laughs at the lark of old age. Why are families in Pakistan full of relationships? And good relationships do not take the name of meeting. In Pakistan, 70 mischievous girls are sitting at home with white hair waiting for good relationships.

Dr Annie from Lahore – 31 years old – want to get married
My prayer is that there are also larkies waiting for good relations in Pakistan. May Allah bless them. Let me tell you more about myself. I am a well-educated and confused lark. My education is Masters. Trying for a job but haven’t found a good job so far.

In the future, God willing, someone will get a good job. I belong to Syed family. Height is 5 feet 3 inches. I am slim and smart, weight is 48 kg. Avoid junk food like junk food

Naam Mehreen from Lahore Unmarried | I want to build my own house.

Partner Requirements:

Whom I want to marry our age should be maximum 30 to 45 years. Be honest, sincere and henna. Good job. Own home and well settled. Education should be Masters. Height should be 5 feet 7 inches. Loving and caring. Live a sad life.

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