Women’s Love White Henna Fashion 2019

Women's Love White Henna Fashion 2019 (9)Women’s Love White Henna Fashion 2019

The white henna is the design of henna in the woman’s hand, except that it is white and not the usual brown. It depends on the material used by a woman but persists for up to a week. Although it originated in the Middle East, modern brides are wearing white henna for a glamorous appearance due to its fascinating design and attraction. It is also a favorite option for dark-skinned girls in which the brown henna does not leave that lasting impression. Classy and elegant, it is not so much henna, but a sticker or body paint or shine that is used to make designs on the hand and other parts of the body. But any tool you use is recommended, it must be temporary.

The white henna is intricately designed for a delicate appearance, the final effect is a bit like the lace applied to the skin. Beauty addicts around the world have realized the beauty, and companies now offer self-applied temporary henna designs filled with mandalas and flowers. Women are also wearing white “ink” to complete their outfits. You can also apply white henna by hand in the traditional technique if you know someone with the skills. Before applying white henna, one should consult the dermatologist for information on whether he has an allergy or not.

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