In this week’s fashion, Raf Simons is Prada’s new co-creative director, and the 2020 Met Gala theme has been introduced. Discover these stories and more as we discover the international fashion news of the week. Along with Mafia Preda, Ralph is the new co-creative director of Simon Preda. The couple

announced a partnership during Milan Fashion Week, and have been working together on several projects since 2005. Simmons has previous experience with Jill Sanders, Dyer and Calvin Klein. The CEO of the Italian fashion house, Patrizio Bertelli, said the couple represented “the forefront of change.” “A company can function better [or now] without creativity, without strong creativity,” he said. Simon “This is not the main reason we are doing this, but we believe that collaboration between creatives can also adapt to this aspect of the entire business.” The first show for the couple will begin in September 2021 in September.

Dyer is launching his collection in the light of the #MeToo Movement. The show in Paris featured pieces and posters from the 70s that announced “consent” and “I say”. “The collection is a visual newspaper,” said Maria Grizia Chiuri, creative director. In Italy during the 70s. Cheuri said it was “the time when women wanted to represent themselves and be true to themselves, rather than fashion. As a female designer, this is very important for me. Silhouette has always It was the center of Dior, since Christian Dior used to see himself as an architectural designer, but a Sylhet does not work for all women.

Kanye West will present an incredible show for season 8. After his Sunday service, the designer and composer left invitations to the exhibition of his collection. Read the invitation: This is a small part of our house in Cody, Wyoming. Although his latest shoe collection is now available, the rest of the line will debut during Fashion Week. This event will compete with artists like Stella McCarney and Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week.

Doctors van Naughton present a show inspired by nightlife at Paris Fashion Week. This collection includes sneakers, wings and motorcycle jackets. This is an inversion of the usual parts. “It’s about nightlife,” Van Naughton said after his show. “Go out, enjoy life, have fun. [Fun is important] – and party party. [There is] something mysterious, something dark, not romantic, but a dark romance.”

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