Telenor and Alibaba partner to offer cloud-based services and accelerate digital transformation

Telenor and Alibaba partner to offer cloud-based services and accelerate digital transformationTelenor Pakistan, the leading provider of digital and telecommunications services in the country, partnered with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing division of Alibaba Group, to become an authorized distributor of Alibaba Cloud products and services in Pakistan.

The signing was held at the Telenor Pakistan headquarters ‘345’, where Dr. Alex Li, General Manager for South Asia of Alibaba Cloud and Sardar Mohammad Abubakr, Director of Strategy and Digital Strategy at Telenor Pakistan, sealed the partnership.

Through the partnership, Telenor Pakistan will sell the Alibaba Cloud business solutions suite to local companies across the country. The collaboration will allow client organizations to protect their business-critical applications and data with world-class security, as they choose to migrate to Alibaba Cloud.

In today’s increasingly digital world and growing data needs, organizations are moving quickly to cloud services instead of buying and managing physical servers to meet their security and data management needs. The processing of data in the cloud also means that as the business grows, it can keep up with the increase in traffic.

Alibaba Cloud offers cloud computing products in computing, database management, networking, security and storage that can be implemented globally. The service offers superior results in all product capabilities, from computing, user and network management, and security and compliance to scaling, developer services, business integration and management tools.

“Telenor Pakistan’s association with Alibaba Cloud will provide a gateway to facilitate the cloud market in the country and in a fast-evolving environment, will enable companies to robustly manage their data management and digital transformation needs” said Sardar Mohammad Abubakr, Director of Strategy and Digital. Official in Telenor Pakistan.

“We are pleased to partner with one of Pakistan’s leading digital service providers for the distribution of our suite of cloud products and services in the country,” said Dr. Alex Li, General Manager of South Asia at Alibaba Cloud. “The partnership will promote our vision of encouraging the development of the cloud market in Pakistan and will help the country move faster towards its digital transformation goals,” he added.

Through this partnership, Telenor Pakistan will provide Alibaba Cloud services exclusively to its commercial clients to expand its scale, analytical accuracy and business security.