Tashkent Eid Dresses Collection 2019 By Misha Lakhani

Tashkent Eid Dresses Collection 2019 By Misha Lakhani (7)Tashkent Eid Dresses Collection 2019 By Misha Lakhani

If there is anything we know about Misha Lakhani and Miraka by ML, it is that they will deliver pieces that will inspire one to try something new in this Eid or they will adjust to their style, adding a touch of glamor and tradition. Her next collection, Tashkent, is a testament to the floral flowers that will allow the woman who adorns her to radiate femininity and elegance. Inspired by Uzbek and Mughal craft traditions, this collection is for urban nomads. It contains a combination of windy silhouettes and subtle but at the same time striking embroidery. Tashkent is based on the majesty of traditional fashion and elevates the level with its refined palette of colors and combinations. What we like most about this collection is the freedom that each piece gives you to personalize, from wearing your new pair of earrings to wearing your clutch. If you are still looking for something unique and attractive to wear for Eid, we suggest you visit the collection of Misha Lakhani and Miraka By ML that opens tomorrow in stores and online. Scroll down to see more…

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