Sapphire Eid Edition Traditional Design 2019

Sapphire Eid Edition Traditional Design 2019 (14)

Sapphire Eid Edition Traditional Design 2019

Sapphire’s vast new collection of Eid has just hit stores on April 26, which means that this weekend should be all for her Eid and Ramzan wardrobe to be fixed. Once again, Sapphire offers a palette of attractive and distinguished design that delves into our rich traditions to emanate beauty in each piece. A brand that truly understands its audience, Sapphire not only generates a festive energy but also creates a variety of fabrics that adapt to the warmth that serves as the backdrop for the upcoming festive season. Therefore, expect to find diversity not only in prints and embroidery, but also in endless fabrics that create Sapphire Serene, Luxe, Statement and classic lines that satisfy numerous tastes and moods for the individual and unique woman.

The collection has a tasteful color palette that ranges from pastel tones to traditional tones, and embroidery and embellishments that alternate from the minimum to the formal, to offer a complete solution regardless of the occasion. For the day, choose between easy-to-use, patterned and solid fabrics that eliminate the adornment of heavy surfaces. The nightwear brings beautiful decorative patterns impregnated with culture and crafts, with dupattas manual looms and organza in relief. The seamless collection is available from 2-3 pieces and with gauze, silk, net and organza dupattas. Take a look at our main collection favorites and visit the stores or your Estore to choose your options while they last.

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