Sania Maskatiya’s Alef Dresses 2019 Steals Hearts

Sania Maskatiya's Alef Dresses 2019 Steals Hearts 11

Sania Maskatiya’s Alef Dresses 2019 Steals Hearts

Let Sania Maskatiya appear with a main line that is not only an ode to the designer and the seal, but creates a perfect harmony between the East and the West. Alef de Sania Maskatiya exudes femininity and provides an elegant touch in the style of the woman of Sania Maskatiya. This collection not only speaks with the talents of the brands, but also increases your bet. With geometrical designs and pastoral motifs, these windy and sophisticated silhouettes will make you light up a room with this Eid.

If you are noisy or subtle in terms of projection style, this collection flatters all style ratios. Quality fabrics such as cotton silk, organza, linen and raw silk are very present in the collection. The color palette includes red, mint green, gray and, of course, a lot of digitally printed silhouettes that offer a variety of colors. And, of course, in the true fashion of Sania Maskatiya, you have your beautiful organza dupatta that can be combined with any of these pieces. Alef by Sania Maskatiya is calling your name! Scroll down to see more.

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