Sakura Frock Eid Collection Style 2019 By Morri’s

Sakura Frock Eid Collection Style 2019 By Morri's 2

Sakura Frock Eid Collection Style 2019 By Morri’s

Sakura by Morris will make you vanish this holiday season. The brands of the Eid Summer Luxe collection are a combination of elegant and elegant silhouettes and new cool tones for your summer wardrobe. Staying true to the spirit of the brands of creating timeless sets, each team has been carefully designed to adapt to the trends and styles of modern Pakistani women. Made with crushed silks, maisoori zari and textured fabrics, the range that designers have created is a new category within their own luxury products and prices.

This time, creating a range of dramatic and exaggerated silhouettes with flared dresses, angharka and peshwaas with a contemporary touch. Head out for a summer wedding with her squashed plum-colored silk ensemble with a hemline along the floor and a blue ice cascaded dupatta complete with delicate work with gold threads. If you’re looking to make a statement, Morri’s range of looks will order you this holiday season, whether you’re going to a wedding or a summer evening; Each outfit exudes its own unique vibes. Scroll down and take a look at the latest range of brands.

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