Pakistani Film Chhalawa 2019 Cast and Trailer

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Pakistani Film Chhalawa 2019 Cast and Trailer (3)
Pakistani Film Chhalawa 2019 Cast and Trailer

With the Christmas season upon us, the most exciting thing is the quality time one spends with his family. If he goes to Eid for lunch, or even to an Eid dinner, this time he has nothing but good and warm vibrations. But let’s say that one wants to go out and see a movie, so we suggest you watch the movie Chhalawa. It’s one of those fun-filled movies that have humor, love, and suspense, all in one. The cast of this film includes Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Asher Wajahat and many other names decorated in the industry. The plot revolves around Zoyaa (Mehwish Hayat) who believes in finding true love organically instead of the willing route and gives clues to Sameer (Azfar Rehman) who comes to the haweli where Zoyaa resides to conquer her and his father. It is a romantic comedy with all the sensations, so we suggest you go to your nearest cinema and see it. Scroll down to see more…


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