Ooze Glamor Womens Formals 2019 By Sana Abbas

Ooze Glamor Womens Formals 2019 By Sana Abbas (16)Ooze Glamor Womens Formals 2019 By Sana Abbas

The philosophy of the Sana Abbas brand has always been to create elegant and timeless haute couture pieces that remain eternal for years to come. His formals have faithfully oozed elegance and glamor, so it’s not surprising that his new range of formal is dazzling and real. A wide range of cakes along with sophisticated embroidery is a winner for any girl out there! The color palette is decorous and has a pleasant aesthetic.

From soft mint to rich gold, each one is completed with immaculate details that will definitely capture your heart! What caught our attention are the statements of Dupatta with the heavy work of Kamdaani that accentuate even more the glamor of the general set. So if you have a spring wedding and need the perfect attire, head to the Sana Abbas studio because these pieces are waiting for you. Scroll down to see more.

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