Lea Formal Dresses Collection By Umaima Mustafa

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Lea Formal Dresses Collection By Umaima Mustafa (11)
Lea Formal Dresses Collection By Umaima Mustafa

Allowing you to feel relaxed but formal at the same time; Umaima Mustafa’s creations do exactly that and effortlessly. In this festive season, the designer launches her “Lea” collection, a range of elegant and sophisticated pret western luxury suits that will make you look more glamorous in any event, from brunch to winter. With this collection, Umaima Mustafa has achieved that perfect combination of relaxed style and sophistication, all in one.

From its crossed blazer with power suits available in white and navy blue to its cascading organza layers with three-dimensional flower ornaments, the range of looks is eclectic but not exaggerated. The designer’s unique silhouettes are an element we always look for and nobody does it better than Umaima Mustafa. Lea will launch on December 19, so if you’re in the mood for a shopping therapy, we suggest you visit the designers’ open house in the Umaima Mustafa studio where you’ll find the entire collection ready for your eyes. Scroll down to see more…

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