Latest Bridesmaid Jewelry Designs By Ali Javeri Jewelers

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Latest Bridesmaid Jewelry Designs By Ali Javeri Jewelers (14)
Latest Bridesmaid Jewelry Designs By Ali Javeri Jewelers

With the wedding season on us, Ali Javeri Jewelers offers you the best collection for all brides and bridesmaids looking to add the finishing touches to their final looks. The best thing about acquiring a piece of AJJ is that you can not only use it on yours or your best friend’s, but you can also enjoy the pieces of timeless heritage for years to come.

Latest Bridesmaid Jewelry Designs By Ali Javeri Jewelers (3)

Bride: For the quintessential red bride, Mala and Gargantilla’s favorite combo has returned. Those brides who are not experimental enough to follow the trend of the layered necklace, opt for this combo to create a bold and beautiful appearance. The tops instead of the larger earrings have been combined with this look to keep all the emphasis on the Dholna Mala & Thick Pearl Drop floral choker inlaid with rubies, emeralds and cultured pearls. The mathapatti in a neutral color breaks the monotony of emeralds and rubies and allows the piece to stand out and shine on its own! Our favorite piece of this look is the peacock ring that adds a peculiar element to the whole look.

Bridesmaid: Being a bridesmaid means you can experiment a little more with your appearance than with the bride. Kundan Cluster clips are the funniest accessory in this regard. Designed here to be used on both sides of their separation, they add a push to an already bold look. Great shoulder earrings are not only perfect for your best friends’ day, but they are also a piece that can be worn without other jewelry and still create an impact! The choker, which is made with the same motifs as the Mala brides, allows you to combine

with your best friend without stealing her attention! The solid golden arm again helps break the monotony of rubies and emeralds and helps add variation to the appearance.

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Bride: Who says you can’t combine gold jewelry with your silver outfit? Combining golden kundan jewelry with a silver set works as the perfect combination of modern and antique charm. The bride here is seen in a combination of dholna Mala and choker. You can call this typical, but the motifs of hanging fish and the pearl inlay in the intricate design distinguish these pieces. The long jhumkas with an interesting interpretation of the Sahara will surely be the piece that will stand out the most. Giving up the teeka and opting for a broad jhoomer, this aspect shows that you don’t have to wear every piece of jewelry you own and that sometimes, (only sometimes) less is more.

Bridesmaid: big earrings are in fashion this wedding season. Combine it with a statement choker as seen here or use it alone. These Jhumka Chandbali will make a statement no matter how you design them. A headband with clothes that you say? We say why not! Use it as a headband or wear as a choker later. This piece is versatile and complementary no matter how you use it.

Bride: This bridal look is for the experimental diva. The large t-shirt that covers the forehead, combined with layered necklaces and jhumkas creates an appearance that will be remembered forever.

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Due to the silver set, most of the pieces in this look are based on Gold & Kundan. The choker, the ring and the bracelets inlaid with rubies and emeralds add the much-needed touch of color without being ott. The best thing about investing in a look like this is that each piece of the look can be used alone (or together) with any festive set after your wedding. Another great advantage is that the choker (like most of our jewelry pieces) has been made so that it can work from both sides, one side is embedded with rubies and emeralds, while the other side is all Kundan. This gives you the opportunity to get the maximum amount of wear on your jewelry.

Bridesmaid: this set of statements is all you need to stand out from the crowd and mark your territory as the best friend of the brides. Large Jhoomer-style Polki earrings add the right amount of drama with its matching Polki pendant necklace, which is complemented by delicate freshwater pearl scallop details. Do you realize how this aspect is kept clean and without any head or arm accessories? It is because the necklace and earrings speak for themselves and do not need hair accessories or sweets for the arm to saturate the look. Two delicate rings are the only edition necessary so that the hands do not look too bare.

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