Iqra Aziz Face Of Alkaram For 2018

Iqra Aziz Face Of Alkaram For 2018 (1)Iqra Aziz Face Of Alkaram For 2018

Iqra Aziz Face Of Alkaram For 2018. Constantly striving to develop new products and achieve excellence, Alkaram identifies with every Pakistani woman for its wide range of home textiles, lawn and a range of ready-to-wear clothing. Alkaram Studio is a perfect retreat for women with aesthetic leanings, with its originality and style in fashionable fabrics and dazzling accessories.

In this season, we see Iqra Aziz sporting some of the latest trends of the brand during the episodes of his successful TV show ‘Suno Chanda. Sewn with elegant silhouettes and printed in lush summer colors, the star looked ready for summer in each set with a combination of geometric and floral motifs that gave life to each outfit. We will definitely take the Iqra signals and write our own style notes and store them for when it is time to cheer for Eid.

From its black color Alkaram kurta highlighted with shades of burnt orange, chrome yellow and cranberry red even when he put on a fun electric blue kurta peplum with vibrant tangerine details: this style star has been playing all the right notes and we can not wait Let’s see how he will design his look for the rest of the summer. Take a look at our best selections below.

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