Here’s the reason why Google’s ban on Huawei could really be a good thing for the company

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Here's the reason why Google's ban on Huawei could really be a good thing for the company
Here’s the reason why Google’s ban on Huawei could really be a good thing for the company

Following the recent executive order of the USA. UU., Google has been forced to suspend business with Huawei. The Chinese technology giant will no longer be able to obtain licenses from the Google operating system (but can use an operating system based on the Android Open Source Project) and other services it offers. This means that users will no longer be able to use the operating system in the future along with their applications and services on upcoming Huawei devices.

An executive order is anti-democratic

Ending ties with such a giant contributor to the industry on the basis of an executive order from the President is absurd to say the least. While the US government UU He has been trying to impose a trade ban in China, blaming Huawei for something without adequate evidence is partial.

As far as an executive order is concerned, it simply shows that the US government. UU It is willing to use undemocratic and undemocratic tactics to prevent the growth of Chinese conglomerates. Huawei claims to be a privately owned company and, unless EE. UU Or the government can provide evidence that it is actually a Chinese government company created solely to spy, no one can reject Huawei’s claim.

Innocent until proven guilty.

A decisive factor for such an important movement requires at least some appropriate litigation or court order to be established along with some appropriate reasoning. It is an irrational movement and, clearly, there is a legitimate explanation on the part of the United States.

Main contributor

Second, Huawei has made substantial contributions to the development and growth of Android and the smartphone industry. They have developed an ecosystem that has benefited both the users and the industry. It is the second largest phone manufacturer in the world, despite being late in the competition.

The company has also spent billions of dollars improving networks and mobile hardware, which has ultimately helped the growth of the telecommunications industry.

Putting an executive order in such an important contributor means that we are nullifying everything they have created and provided to society in general.

Here's the reason why Google's ban on Huawei could really be a good thing for the company

Opportunity to keep growing: a new operating system

Yes, this is a big blow for Huawei, but this is nothing the company can not stand. Having grown up so large and influential, it is obvious that Huawei will not back off easily. In a way, this could be an opportunity for Huawei and other Chinese companies to respond to Google by developing their own solutions and promoting the ecosystem of applications they already use in their Chinese market. This will make the competition even more difficult for Google.

Huawei had been planning this scenario for 6 years. The company says it has already developed its own operating system as a B plan in case they have ever been banned by the United States.

It is required that Huawei and all other OEMs pay royalties to Google for using its operating system and its Play services. By using their own operating system on their phones, Huawei will be able to produce much cheaper phones.

Chinese suppliers are already very popular to make smartphones with cheaper price tags, and this is an opportunity for Huawei to take advantage of them even more. This is really an opportunity for you to explore the possibilities of growing even further.

Concerns about privacy

Google and Facebook are already very famous for their privacy scandals. Recently, a web tool called “Purchasing” was discovered in Google accounts. This web tool accurately gathers a list of all your online purchases and does not allow you to delete them without deleting the email at the same time. Therefore, there is no way to track your transactions online without Google being aware.

Facebook, on the other hand, has been in its own controversy regarding data breaches. The personal user data of millions of accounts that are sold to third parties are no longer news unknown to us.

The point is that American companies are already guilty of spying on our personal data and, therefore, it does not make much sense to accuse the Chinese of this. Users have the opportunity to switch to Chinese suppliers as a better substitute compared to American companies.


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