FESTIVEFINDS Printed Block Sharara Bajo INR 1300

FESTIVEFINDS Printed Block Sharara Bajo INR 1300

She loves her festivals mainly because she goes shopping for the new Indian ethnic attire. 2018 has been big in the broad trend, even when it comes to the wear and tear of India. Pallazos, Shararas, ghararas, wide legs trousers under kurta, there has been everything on the list of what to have. She discovered so many new local homegrown fashion brands that wear Indian clothing like never before. So when She has to choose MANY groups of festive outfits and still meet a budget, She always turns to my tried and tested Amazon Indian Fashion website.

She has tried so many smaller and new labels, and it goes without saying that She love my shopping experience. This Amazon sharara set comes from a brand called Khushal and is made of 100% cotton fabric. She loves the block pattern printed on the whole set with a subtle drop design on the neckline. In fact, it is a great bet for homemade pujas and card parties. She bought a medium size, but it is extremely tight and, therefore, She would recommend that you lower the size for a more comfortable fit or, rather, check the size chart for exact details. In addition, this impressive set is priced at INR 1299 on Amazon and can be purchased here at this link.

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