Expert advice on how to choose the right base

Expert advice on how to choose the right base

Picking the right tone and base type is an obligation for all brides to flaunt a perfect face on their wedding day. However, it is quite difficult for most women to find the right place for them. In fact, not many brides know the right tricks to choose an “ideal” base. Well, if you also face difficult times while selecting the right base for you, then it is time to get rid of all your worries. Here are some fantastic tips to discover the perfect base color, as well as the type, so that you will never be wrong again.

Choose the base according to the type of skin.


Oily skin

As your skin already secretes enough oil, try to avoid oil based foundations. Such foundations can cause bleeding in the makeup and make your face look irregular. Instead, you can opt for oil-free or matte formulations for an impeccable makeup finish. Also, remember to set the base with a matching compact powder or transparent to make it look beautiful all day.


Dry Skin

This type of skin always needs additional moisture. Therefore, it is advisable to go for those enriched with moisturizers. These fundamentals will help you cover all the defects of your face at the same time you add the moisture that you need so much. In case you want a light coverage, a tinted moisturizer is the best option for you. On the other hand, opt for bases based on oil or creamy if you need a large coverage.


Normal skin

If you have a skin type of this type, in fact, you are blessed, since the choice of your base can vary in a variety of ways from the dyed moisturizer to the mineralized bases. Simply choose the one that corresponds according to the occasion, as well as the type of coverage (light or heavy) you want, and you will be ready to start.


Tricks to choose the right tone.

Selecting an appropriate base tone can be cumbersome and complicated. Therefore, it is preferable not to depend solely on the lighting of the cosmetics store where you are buying the product. Rather, you should try your shadow in the light of day. You can try and test the base shade by applying it on the skin between the thumb and forefinger.

And, if that still does not satisfy you, then you can apply the base on your cheeks and see if it matches the tone of your skin. You can even click on the images after applying the base and see how it will look in the images.


Choose the base according to the weather.

Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing your base is the weather. No matter how well you apply makeup on your face, it simply will not work if you do not act on the weather. So, for all those who do not know what is going well with the weather, here is some information. A tinted moisturizer is a good choice for winters, while the mousses or the soufflé are considered best for the summer season.

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