Billboard Music Awards 2019

Billboard Music Awards 2019

The Billboard Music Awards of 2019 will be retiring tonight, and although we are sure that the evening will be full of memorable performances and memorable moments, we are here to talk about all the looks that killed the red carpet. In past years, the BBMA have released some of the most, let’s say, interesting sets of our favorite artists and musicians. Unlike other award programs, the BBMA is a little more relaxed, so we tend to see experimental and playful attire.

This year is proving that it is no different, with stars like Taylor Swift and Cardi B stepping on the red carpet in creations that may be a bit out of place, but which, nonetheless, are a statement. Next, we are recapitulating the aspect of the night that totally stole the show. Celebrities are coming to the red carpet for the Billboard Music Awards 2019 in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

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