A journey along the path of memory with Shamaeel Ansari

A journey along the path of memory with Shamaeel Ansari (5)A journey along the path of memory with Shamaeel Ansari

It has been three glorious decades of splendor and haute couture, courtesy of the legendary Shamaeel Ansari. The designer who made historical waves in the 90s for her solo shows in historical places like the Hindu Gymkhana and the City Station in Karachi. Shamaeel has always had an eye for art, and it has been evident in his collections that feature tapestries from ancient times, which allows us all to see each other and feel differently in the best way. From the implementation of the love of history through his clothes to the pioneer industry that we know and love, the name of Shamaeel Ansari is clearly one that will be revered and remembered. And they still have much more exciting projects linedĀ up for all of us.

In a backward look, we explored Shamaeel’s decorated achievements through the archival clippings of several newspapers that praised his ability to be a trendsetter. Shamaeel Ansari was the first designer to introduce location shows with themes that shine beautifully through her collections. The basis of the Shamaeel brand has always been and will continue to be freedom of expression, and it teaches not only aspiring designers but all of us that there is no point in limiting ourselves if there is so much to play with. We can not wait for the next three decades and what they will entail! Scroll down to see more.

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