Zong 4G’s GTO Program Recruits Leaders of Future

Zong 4G’s GTO Program Recruits Leaders of FutureZong 4G’s GTO Program Recruits Leaders of Future

Islamabad, 9 September 2019: Zong 4G, the leading telecommunication operator, under its ‘Graduate Trainee Program- Leaders in Making’, has provided 16 fresh graduates a head start into their careers with the organization. Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program is dedicated in its efforts to nurture leaders of the future by providing the youth with an exciting opportunity to learn and excel by being part of a world-class organization.

Maximizing the potential of the fresh graduates, the Graduate Trainee Officers works directly on diverse,
exciting and often complex projects in areas of their expertise. The GTO program offers a unique blend
of on job training along with professional development training from HR for grooming the young
graduates into leaders of tomorrow. Zong 4G has designed specialized trainings on diverse subjects
including communication, work ethics, problem-solving and more!

The program is aimed at creating more job opportunities for the youth of the country. Since its inception
in 2013, Zong 4G’s GTO program has seen more than 300 Graduate Trainee Officers being inducted
across several key departments of Zong, countrywide.

“At Zong 4G, we are inspiring confidence and ensuring full transfer of knowledge, to prepare the future
generation of corporate leadership. Empowering them to discover the manifold facets of leading the
digital revolution, we are inculcating the right skills, providing a hands-on learning experience and
opportunity to develop the careers.” Said the spokesperson of Zong 4G.

Empowering the youth to succeed, the company is fostering a learning environment for graduates to
become the successors for achieving Zong 4G’s vision of leading the digital innovation in Pakistan.

Zong 4G’s GTO Program Recruits Leaders of Future

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