Yasmeen Jiwa Wedding Festive Dress Looks 2019-20

Yasmeen Jiwa Wedding Festive Dress Looks 2019-20 (12)Yasmeen Jiwa Wedding Festive Dress Looks 2019-20

The designer who always pays attention to details, from the initial cut to the last minute touches of a finished product. When one chooses Yasmeen Jiwa, they are in good and meticulous hands. This year, Yasmeen Jiwa presents a new and luxurious collection for the winter season: “Golden Amour” is the highly anticipated Yamseen Jiwa Luxe collection for 2019. As one of the few designers that believe in separating itself from the monotony and, nevertheless, continues to give an ode to the timeless crafts of the subcontinent by providing an avant-garde alternative aesthetic, the YJ brand presents “Golden Amour” with a variety of distinctive cuts and colors.

It will not disappoint anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Whether for its bright color schemes, which include intense tones of burnt orange, emerald green, turquoise, and cranberry red or its unique silhouettes, each look is a beautiful mix of East and West and perfectly illustrates Yasmeen’s love for traditional crafts. The highly versatile collection offers something for everyone, from sheesha, lace to chickankhari, This collection has it all! Visit the YJ boutique located on F / 43, and street, block 4, Clifton and scroll down to see our favorite looks from the range below…

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