Where will Deepika and Ranvir Sing get married?

Where will Deepika and Ranvir Sing get married?

Where will Deepika and Ranvir Sing get married?.It seems there is a wedding season Now-a-days. After marrying Indian crush player Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli, actor Sonam Kapoor and fashion designer Anand Ahuja are going to make the next pair, along with Deepika and Ranbir Kapoor have joined the same row.

According to Indian media, both Zoroastrians are busy preparing for their marriage. There is also a wedding brushing service in this sense that is looking for some of the best places in the world where they can get married. Although both have not announced the date of their marriage.

Both Ranbir and Deepika are not willing to marry, and neither do they want to have a long list of guests. The prevailing possibility is that by closing the means of marriage, only friends and family will only invite close friends.

Indian media have also claimed that the two marriage receptions will be held in India, one of which will be held in Mumbai and the final decision for the other is still pending.

It is said that the couple will start a new trip from September to December.

It is clear that Deepika and Ranbir have never spoken openly about the marriage nor have they demonstrated their relationship, but both approached during the “Ram Lela” shootings.

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