Wedding Luxury Dresses Style 2020 Decoded By Natasia Paul 11Wedding Luxury Dresses Style 2020 Decoded By Natasia Paul

Natasia Paul’s formal debut wedding collection consists of old-school motifs mixed with modern trends. It allows the Natasia Paul woman to look and feel her best while creating a characteristic look that will surely mark all kinds of trends! In an exclusive session, fashionistas and bosses like Shazah Ayub, Saba Pervez Dada, Marium Jahangir Khan, Sanaa Ahmad, Ayla Paul, Ameera Paul, Annam Ayub, and Maliha Aziz Jamil gave their touch and style to these beautiful pieces. They decoded their appearance of jewelry choice to make up looks. Scroll down to see the full interview and more…

1. What is your favorite part of this outfit?

SPD: I loved the details of the outfit and the color palette. Honestly, the photos do not do justice to the work that is beautifully designed.

Wedding Luxury Dresses Style 2020 Decoded By Natasia Paul 1

2. Would you say this goes well with minimal jewelry or heavy pieces?

SPD: It is quite versatile. One could dress it with a teeka or a jhoomar or simply combine it with earrings as I did. The best part is that any touch of color can go with the outfit.

3. On what occasion is it perfect to wear this outfit and why?

SPD: Any festive event, I would use it for a day wedding or a night event, both for subtle colors. I also believe that Nabila makeup really compliments the outfit in golden tones and bright reddish highlights to add a boost.