vivo V25 series: an embodiment of style, performance and photography perfected

vivo V25 series an embodiment of style, performance and photography perfected (1)

vivo V25 series: an embodiment of style, performance and photography perfected

vivo V25 series: an embodiment of style, performance and photography perfected. The latest series of vivo V25 has been launched in the smartphone market today. With superior photography features, the latest smartphones have been designed for users who express themselves through photos and videos.

The V25 series allows users to embark on a journey of self-expression with its impressive camera, powerful performance, and energy-efficient hardware, all in one majestic body.

Equipped with a 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing rear camera featuring enhanced optical image stabilization capabilities and an 8MP wide-angle camera, the V25 series provides an excellent imaging experience and allows users to easily capture super-wide, high-definition photos. quality.

Along with the new Bokeh Flare Portrait feature, users can use the dual camera system (hardware) and AI to process those point light sources in the background and turn them into sharp bokeh.

This helps create sharper contrast, giving you the sharp image you’re looking for. It also gives users more possibilities to easily capture and record fun and playful moments with family, friends, pets or at night with the high-quality video recording and night portrait experience.

Now with Multi-Style Portrait video, the V25 5G will make sure any video you capture is always sharper and steadier by adding various professional filters before you shoot.

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This eliminates the complex post-processing involved in video creation and as such allows you to easily use professional video tones to showcase more creativity.

With a design philosophy inspired by the sense of nature, the vivo V25 series uses color-changing glass and Fluorit AG glass. The new color change technique changes the color of the surface when the phone is exposed to sunlight or UV light, creating elegant exteriors and giving users more fun and personalized design experiences.

While Fluorite AG glass prevents the accumulation of fingerprints, while shining in natural sunlight, thanks to the molecular technology used to create numerous micro-crystals of the same size evenly distributed on the surface, creating an elegant sensation to the eye.

Embodiment of style, performance and photography perfected Of vivo V25 series

While it may seem daunting to have a revolutionary innovative feature in the palm of your hand, vivo has ensured that it rests comfortably in your hands with its lightweight design.

The V25 has a silver frame with a glossy finish that feels comfortable in the hand. On the other hand, the V25e has a frame with a matte finish, equally ensuring a stable grip without fear of falling off easily.

The excellent battery life of the vivo V25 series is a clear step up from the previous series, and now it is equipped with additional features such as a larger battery and fast charging technologies.


The V25 has a 4,500mAh battery with 44W FlashCharge, which is capable of converting power with up to 97.5% efficiency, meaning it can charge quickly without overheating your phone.

Going even deeper into the details, it has an A78 core with the latest build, two very large cores and six high-efficiency cores, as well as a 6nm D900 5G processor for the V25 5G variant and a 6nm G99 processor for the V25e. variant.

Overall, both offer high performance while reducing power consumption, giving you exceptional performance and experience so you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

With its exceptional battery life and strong performance capabilities, it can be easy for your phone to overheat during long and excessive periods of continuous use, especially during gaming or constant camera use.

Fortunately, the new liquid cooling system that is included in the devices can cool down all the major heat-generating components inside the phone, including the processor. This is mainly achieved through various graphite and temperature sensors in the phone, which keep it cool.

As for the V25 5G’s 50MP AF HD front-facing camera for portraits, it features three layers of high-conductivity graphite that constantly remove heat from the camera, ensuring smooth performance over long periods of time in a wide range of conditions. activities, such as live streaming so powerful. It depends on the room.

In conclusion, vivo’s V25 series stands the test of time, demonstrating how a profound level of innovation and dedication to craftsmanship can create a series of smartphones that are now capable of being an instrument.

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