Tulips Design Women Dresses 2019 By Misha Lakhani (1)Tulips Design Women Dresses 2019 By Misha Lakhani

Tulips Design Women Dresses 2019 By Misha Lakhani. Misha Lakhani has always been famous for mixing ancient techniques with modern ideas. We have seen it in its previous collections, where its pieces overflow with tradition and tendency. Her new bridal fashion collection, Vadi-E-Lale, which translates to Valley of Tulips, is a dream collection that tells moving stories through haute couture. With tulip motifs and handmade fabrics, this collection will surely steal hearts!

Versatile and chic look Let your elegance run freely in these beautiful pieces that hold together the charms of the old world and new concepts. Filmed in the picturesque temples of Katas Raj in Chakwal, these images transport us to the majesty and romance of our heritage. What we love is the intricate needlework that accentuates each piece. So, if you are looking to make a statement and feel good, then we suggest you go for a walk through the valley of the tulips with Misha Lakhani. Scroll down to see more: