Things to consider while doing yoga during pregnancy

Things to consider while doing yoga during pregnancy

Things to consider while doing yoga during pregnancy

Things to consider while doing yoga during pregnancy.It is understandable that you do not want to do excessive exercises during pregnancy. I was too tired after my first two pregnancies to take any exercise regimen. There was something wrong with the training regimen. I can not tell if it was a conviction or just a hunch. But yes, I found Yoga as an appropriate route to handle pregnancy.Things to consider while doing yoga during pregnancy

Hold on; Are you new to Yoga? If yes, you should look for prenatal yoga classes designed for pregnant moms in your area; Sometimes it can be difficult to find coaches who specialize in proximity; however, that should not prevent you from practicing Yoga. Here are some key factors you should consider before launching into yoga.

Consult your doctor: your doctor should be your first point of contact; Before joining yoga classes, be sure to get your approval because people with heart problems and back problems are likely to experience the side effects of yoga that can result in preterm labor.

Do not overdo it: you may want to increase the duration of your exercise to get better and faster results, but it is too risky because you may try too hard. Therefore, maintain a healthy yoga regimen. In fact, a shorter period of practiced yoga can often bring more satisfying results than strenuous exercise.

Keep in mind: it is important that you remain attentive while practicing yoga. Follow the wisdom of your body If you can not speak normally, then it is a sign that the body does not respond to yoga or is running out. Therefore, be sure to keep your balance and avoid overdoing yoga.

Be careful with certain postures: it is important to take a considerable amount of care while performing certain yoga postures. The following are some things you should avoid or pay attention to during practice.

Flexion forward: deep bending postures can compress the blood vessels and nerves that connect to the uterus and can cause a complication. Therefore, be sure to bend forward with your legs spread so that things flow perfectly.
Deep turns: While making turns, be sure to keep the abdominal and hip rotation to a minimum, as it can affect circulation.
Lying on your back: During the second trimester, you should be a little careful with yoga postures that require you to lie on your back. It is advisable to avoid lying down for a prolonged period because it involves the excessive weight of the uterus,

the blood flow and nutrients your baby needs. In addition, this can cause low back pain, increase blood pressure and heartburn. It is recommended to use accessories such as a collar or blocks to keep the torso up instead of keeping it flat.
Poses for the abdominals: Since it is difficult to support the body weight with the rectus abdominus, it is the muscles that appear when you have six-pack abdominals, use the oblique abdominal muscles that are on the side of the belly, but the extremely strong side Abdominals can cause a condition called diastasis.

Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from the postures that point to your core, especially the lateral abdominals.
Be careful with backbends: for yoga professionals it might be a bit easy to perform advanced backbends like Full Wheel. But for the beginner, it is prescribed because it needs flexibility and doing it badly can result in diastasis. Therefore, it is good to keep the backbend exercises simple and make sure you do not stretch too much.

Investment: As you are asked to avoid horse riding and skiing, you should also be careful with the yoga postures that make you prone to falling. Since your center of gravity changes as you move toward the third trimester, and your belly weight tends to unbalance you, it is advisable to avoid investments.
Hot Yoga: during pregnancy, you feel the heat. Even while you are sitting in an air-conditioned car, you sweat a lot. Let’s be realistic; I mean, super hot pregnant moms who sweat 24 X 7, does it look glamorous? I was wondering, Erin, what’s going on? Bring the deodorants.

Therefore, avoid Bikram yoga, have all your life to experience hot yoga. But for now, just forget and hydrate with fruit juices, not body sprays.
In addition to taking precautionary measures, you should also practice some standing on the mountain, the child’s posture, the cow and other yoga practices that are good for pregnancy. However, you must be under the supervision of the expert.

Are you newly pregnant? I just received the exciting news? Wait, take a deep breath, call your yoga teacher to let him know before you go

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