There are no violent electronic sports in the Olympic
There are no violent electronic sports in the Olympic Games, says the head of the IOC
Games, says the head of the IOC

There are no violent electronic sports in the Olympic Games, says the head of the IOC. BERLIN (Reuters) – IOC director Thomas Bach insisted on Thursday. That violent computer games would never be part of the Olympic Games as he faces increasing pressure to allow electronic sports in the Olympic movement.

Bach said it would be a “red line” for the International Olympic Committee to not allow any computer games that encourage violence.

The eSports have already been admitting as a medal sport for the 2022 Asian Games. And the Paris committee that organized the 2024 Olympic Games has not ruled that it includes electronic sports in its events.

Bach told reporters during a visit to India that while electronic sports involve physical activity, training. And concentration comparable to some traditional sports. The new multimillion-dollar boom industry must demonstrate its values.

Head of the IOC says Electronic sports are not in the Olympic Games

“The IOC is a very rule-based organization, therefore, to recognize in some way by the Olympic movement, it is not enough to show physical activity,” said Bach.

“And the red line would be eGames, which are fatal games, where violence or any kind of discrimination is encouraged as content.

“They can never recognize as part of the Olympic movement because they would be contrary to our values. And principles” said the 64-year-old administrator.

Bach highlighted how five new sports add. Baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sports climbing and surfing for the Tokyo 2020 Games. The Olympic Games seek to regain the popularity of young people.

“Tradition alone has no value if you do not open yourself to the sports practiced by younger generations. Then you can lose your relevance very, very quickly,” Bach said.

“That’s why we’re happy that in Tokyo we add these sports to the Olympic program. So the Olympic Games in Tokyo would be younger and earlier.”