The Samsung Galaxy Fold hinge will last for years

The Samsung Galaxy Fold hinge will last for yearsThe Samsung Galaxy Fold hinge will last for years

Since Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available for pre-booking in a month, there are many concerns about the durability of the phone. Buyers will pay approximately $ 2,000 for this folding phone, so they want it to be perfect, especially when it comes to the durability of the hinge.

Samsung has dismissed all its concerns by launching a video of six Galaxy Fold phones that are being tested with the rigorous folding test. The telephones are connected to a machine that constantly folds and unfolds it.

Samsung has claimed that the hinge can take up to 200,000 folds without malfunctioning. If a person, on average, folds and unfolds the phone 100 times a day, the minimum life of the hinge is five years, which is quite impressive.

During the folding test, the phone folds and unfolds for a week to complete a total of 200,000 folds. Therefore, Samsung has made it quite clear that the durability of the Galaxy Fold is nothing to worry about.

Another thing that Samsung referred to is the folding mark on the hinge, since it states that the brand is not visible if the brightness stays at more than 70 percent. That is not always possible, but I think it is something that one can commit to.

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