May 24

Came For Shopping This Ramzan at Dolmen Mall

Came For Shopping This Ramzan at Dolmen Mall (2)Came For Shopping This Ramzan at Dolmen Mall

The holy month of Ramzan is always a precious moment of the year: families have dinner together every night, friends go to Iftar and, of course, we all indulge in a small shopping therapy for the whole family. Dolmen Mall is a place that brings together all these festive activities in a wonderfully cured way. Providing all the best brands and an incredibly diverse variety under one roof, the atmosphere near Eid is especially cheerful. From the moment you enter the space, you can see the level of attention that is observed for the community through the parking facility, as well as prayer rooms and accessible areas to perform taraawi. Each year, Dolmen Mall revives Eid ki Ronakein with its high ceilings with bright lighting, interactive activities of the brand in the main atrium and a lot of offers and special offers. Your Dolphin Eidi Continue reading