Jun 18

Bayram Collection by Shamsha Hashwani 2019

Bayram Collection by Shamsha Hashwani 2019 (12)Bayram Collection by Shamsha Hashwani 2019

Shamsha Hashwani presents “Bayram”; A beautiful collection of luxury derived from the Middle Persian, Bayram means celebration. This collection embodies the essence of cultural craftsmanship, with embroidery representing the old world, design elements from the Middle East, intertwined with classic silhouettes and a palette of fresh colors. The timelessness of its pieces goes beyond transient tendencies to highlight enduring heritage artworks. The label is actively creating modern pretensions that include contemporary tailored tunics with hand embroidery that we absolutely adore! Made in rich shades of Prussian blue, crimson, turquoise, tea roses, and cranberry reds, each set is perfectly adorned with delicate manual work. At the top of our list of successes is its asymmetrical full crimson ensemble with flared trousers and Continue reading