A conical fade, often called a tapper, differs from the classic fader in many ways. Both sections also include a side and waist of gently cut hair, leaving most of the top. However, a conical fade is shortened and the result is skin at any point. We have created many different types of matte haircuts to help you determine which style suits

you best.

Compared to other matte pins, the more subtle and less patchy opacity begins with the ears and moves the hairline to the bottom of the neck. Although it does not have the same high contrast effect as other fumes, it gives your hair a cleaner and more textured appearance. The reason for this is that it ensures that there is no dirty or flying hair in the ears or neck. This is a great way to draw attention to your cheeks.

A balanced option that suits almost all men and hairstyles is the faded middle cone. More surprising than low fading and less intense than high fading, it looks elegant and comfortable. If your hair is dense or wavy, a medium fade will reduce your styling time and make your hair more manageable without overwhelming your face.

A higher conical blur begins at the crown of your head than the other blur. Since it attracts the eyes upwards, it is better to combine it with a large and hairy pair, such as a pompadour or a quiff. A high conical blur can also act as a subtle frame for your face, making it appear thinner, especially if you put it on your beard.

For short-haired men, César is the oldest and most traditional kit. This involves brushing the hair forward with a short two-piece bandage that covers the hairline. Perfect for children with naturally curly hair, Kaiser has the classic and timeless appeal. When combined with a blur, it looks even cooler.
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