Sham Idress and Sehar Baby Shower Event Images (34)Sham Idress and Sehar Baby Shower Event Images

Today we find the gender of our little baby. We really feel blessed. I can’t wait to meet our little angel after the event, we get to know that she is a girl, we are very happy. A baby shower is basically a party that is celebrated to celebrate the birth of the new baby. It is also a way for friends and family to help new parents get everything they need. The duo constantly goes up on the most random things on their YouTube and the masses do not hesitate to talk about their meaningless content. People find their videos completely useless and seeking attention. Idrees and Wife Froggy are famous for making controversial “pregnancy” videos. Froggy and Sham posted another YouTube video that got attention. The video was about Froggy wanting to have a baby. Well, there is a long list.