Saudi Arabia offers “green card” residence to qualified foreign professionals, investors

In an attempt to attract qualified foreign professionals and investors, Saudi Arabia has abolished the decades-old Kafala system, under which the migrant status of a migrant worker is legally linked to an individual employer or sponsor (kafeel) during the period of the contract.

The kingdom’s Shoura Council approved a “green card” type of residence scheme on Wednesday, Arab News reported.

The authorized draft of the new Privileged Iqama system will offer a series of benefits to highly qualified expatriates and owners of capital funds. Unlike the existing iqama system, these residents do not require a Saudi employer or sponsor.

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Under the system, which requires a guarantee of specific rates, there are two categories: an extended and a temporary iqama.

Eligible expats must have a valid passport with a credit report, a health report and no criminal record.

Saudi Arabia offers green card residence to qualified foreign professionals, investors

The story originally appeared in Arab News.