Sana Salman Rafi Wedding Couture Collection 2019

Sana Salman Rafi Wedding Couture Collection 2019 (2)Sana Salman Rafi Wedding Couture Collection 2019

With a sense of progressive style that uses bold combinations of prints inspired by anything from furniture to jewelry and nature; Sana Salman Rafi is constantly improving her design style. His style is truly unique, since he invents his own cuts with collars, shoulder flaps and elegant shapes. She uses color-blocking techniques outside the box that mix and match various shades to create a shape that is both portable and brave.

In this festive season, the designer’s latest collection is about touches of vibrant colors and elegant couture silhouettes. Made in lush shades of coral, plum, black, olive green, magenta, and tangerine, each outfit comes alive with the most intricate and delicate manual work that seems to be insufficient. When it comes to haute couture for weddings, everything is in the details and Sana Salman never disappoints. From traditional short cuts to the timeless style of angharka and more contemporary, like its ivory look with a front opening. There is something special in the store for everyone. Then, ladies, scroll down and take a look at our favorite pieces in the collection below…

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