SALT WOMENSWEAR WINTER COLLECTION 2018 BY IDEAS. Get to establish ladies; The sweater climate is fast approaching and Salt By Ideas has launched a new range of looks just in time for the winter season! Whether you are traveling north to face the extreme cold or stay by the sea to enjoy the cool breeze; The brand has the right look for all your style needs, featuring a variety of styles to choose from at WWW.GULAHMEDSHOP.COM/WINTER-COLLECTION

SALT WOMENSWEAR WINTER COLLECTION 2018 BY IDEAS (7)Salt By Ideas is about presenting the latest trends, silhouettes and color combinations in Pakistan, so if you want to wrap up in a comfortable sweater or get comfortable with a knit garment; The options are endless! The Winter Collection 2018 brands present dark and dramatic tones, from burnt orange, camel and midnight blue tones to royal purple, teal and blueberry, bold stripes and a mix of striking style statements in the form of silhouettes that we adore. The collection offers a variety of pieces that include long cardigans, wrappers, scarves adorned with tassels, shawls, ponchos and much more!

SALT WOMENSWEAR WINTER COLLECTION 2018 BY IDEAS (15)We know that we have our eyes set on their ivory knit clothes cinched at the waist with a belt of various colors in Prussian blue and crimson tones to add that extra touch of color; This aspect is definitely at the top of our shopping list. Nothing says comfort like a large poncho: the camel color version of Salt hits all the right style notes, from elegant black trimmings to the perfect high-low length; This is a garment that will wear any outfit. The work of court is always the favorite of the fans and we can not wait to put on his subtle beige blouse; Ideal for an informal day, combine it with a worn denim and crisp white sneakers for a relaxed atmosphere inspired during the day. Already spoiled for the election; We have scanned your catalog and selected some of our favorites: scroll down and choose your option from the Salt By Ideas 2018 winter collection, now available in stores and online at WWW.GULAHMEDSHOP.COM