Royal Wedding Fall/Winter Collection Vol-2 By Shameel Khan

Royal Wedding FallWinter Collection Vol-2 By Shameel Khan (14)Royal Wedding Fall/Winter Collection Vol-2 By Shameel Khan

The new Autumn / Winter Collection Royal Wedding Collection Volume 2 by Shameel Khan has just arrived at the store. The collection features sherwanis, prince costumes consisting of embroidery and detailed patterns. Wearing a sherwani or a prince costume is a kind of armor that often helps you look magnificent and glorious. It is actually a form of self-expression and silent communication. The vibrant colors, quality materials and dynamic patterns of Sherwani and Prince Suit combine in perfect harmony, distinguishing the user as a man of trust.

Through imagination and persistence, Shameel Khan translates raw materials into beautiful works of art. The fabric used is Jamawar. The adorable, impressive and impressive collection inspired modern gentlemen who want an optimal look. The best thing about Sherwani is its affordability. Second, the exciting and bold appearance makes each piece of article irresistible. The Khussas of Shameel Khan are produced using a similar texture and fabric, as well as the motif, such as the sherwani with the Khussa that has a predominant theme similar to the sherwani. The turban is also designed to complement the dominant shades of sherwani and khussa.

Royal Wedding FallWinter Collection Vol-2 By Shameel Khan (11)

Shameel Khan also offers exceptional packages for bride and groom that cover the entire wedding event such as Mehdi, Barat and Walima. Located on MM Alam Road Lahore main street, Shameel Khan’s shop is attracting crowds through her refined and impressive boyfriend suits and accessories. You can impress this season with the latest volume of the Royal Wedding Fall / Winter Collection of Shameel Khan, volume 2. If you have to attend a special event or a wedding, whatever the occasion that forces you to dress elegantly, you will find the best Sherwani and Prince. Classic black suit in a bolder color, smooth to verify the pattern, subtle to the statement so that your day is special. You can design your new sherwani with the latest Shameel Khan accessories such as emblems, brooches and pocket square.

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Shameel Khan works in the organization of conventional schemes without problems with extravagance and contemporary structures. Each creation embodies the direct way of thinking: “Stay rooted in the convention, however, never lose the place of avant-garde appearance” Shameel Khan is the king of haute couture of oriental men’s clothing. Bright plan, convenient style, great craftsmanship, current cuts and rich ornaments show your artistic skills. The goal is to ensure that the user of any Shameel Khan outfit feels comfortable while maintaining an impressive appearance. The brand offers Sherwanis, Prince Suit, Kurtas, waistcoats and ready-to-use or custom ornaments, such as Turban and Khussa.

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