Ronaq Dreamy Bridal Couture Collection 2019 By Ammara Khan (12)

Ronaq Dreamy Bridal Couture Collection 2019 By Ammara Khan

Ammara Khan’s latest bridal sewing collection pays tribute to the handicrafts of the subcontinent and is reminiscent of a bygone era. The work of the designer is inspired by today’s modern young people. Giving life to each piece with a unique grace and sophistication. The “Ronaq” collection is a diverse blend of exuberance, old-world craftsmanship and a modern spirit of vintage glamor. A range of classics that will be treasured for many years, made in exuberant shades of magenta, rose gold, turquoise, mehndi green, ivory and burnt orange with delicate works of thread and golden thread, including embroidery Resham, dabka, drop and works in sequence; Only the details have us fainted.

Ammara’s unique game by mixing vibrant summer tones with earthy reflections gives these looks an extra touch: we have our eyes as a whole in deep bluish green; Complete with a drop adorned with pink Dupatta Fuschia; This look would perfectly fit a mehndi bride! With a passion for the conservation of traditional crafts; A girlfriend of Ammara Khan will surely become a relic to be appreciated in the coming years. Scroll down and take a look at the latest collection of Ammara Khan brides below: