Romantic Honeymoon Pictures of Srha Asghar

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Romantic Honeymoon Pictures of Srha Asghar

Romantic Honeymoon Pictures of Srha Asghar
Romantic Honeymoon Pictures of Srha Asghar .Pakistani actress Srha Asghar married Umar Murtaza, which surprised fans. She is currently enjoying her perfect and romantic honeymoon in the Maldives. Srha Asghar Romantic Honeymoon Pictures, Sri Asghar is regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She started her career in the Pakistani entertainment industry from 2015. Her acting career began with a minor role in a Pakistani drama and gradually became a household name, especially after the powerful performance of Pyar Ke Sadqe.

Romantic Honeymoon Pictures of Srha AsgharThe Pakistani actress also spoke at length about her weight loss journey, saying, “I always knew I was fat, but I really like myself. Now I’m slim, but I like it in my own way. There shouldn’t be hard ways. things in your life. I always wanted to be a model or some kind of star, but in 2012 I got very fat. This is in my house. So if there is something in your genes, you cannot change, but you must try harder. ”

“So I tried it for a year or two and it really worked for me. It helped me more, because during Ramadan you need to fast, diet and exercise. I’m not going to leave the gym during Ramadan, just like changing the time before the seri. she added.

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