Ramsha presents the Vogue Synergies 2018 collectionRamsha presents the Vogue Synergies 2018 collection

Ramsha presents the Vogue Synergies 2018 collection.Ramsha, classic and sophisticated clothing brand, presents Ramsha Vogue Synergies Collection 2018. Ramsha presents another impressive collection embroidered with the name of Ramsha Vogue Synergies Collection 2018, which presents 12 designs and incredible colors with a unique embroidery style. Ramsha also presents a collection of embroidered gauze of 2 types with zari embroidered with stone or one with a collection of chiffon embroidered with designs of elegance. This collection Ramsha Vogue Synergies Collection 2018 made with a chiffon blouse embroidered with embroidered thread and dupatta and trousers dyed with patch embroidered in 12 magnificent designs and colors. The collection presents in really comfortable high quality bomber gauze fabric and the price is also very reasonable for this collection.

Product Details:
Embroidered shirt Pure Bomber Chiffon
Embroidery Dupatta Pure Bomber Chiffon
Trousers dyed with embroidered patch
To order, contact us at: + 92-3006530821 What is the ETC application?
Price not fixed: 5250 PKR

Sewn Price 8250 / – PKR