Pixel Launcher from Android 11 First Look

Pixel Launcher from Android 11 First Look

The latest preview for Android 11 developers is now available for download. If you are a Google Pixel user, you can go to our guide to download the version for your device, and then you can install the Android 11 Developer Preview here with our guide for Pixel devices. The first preview for developers includes several changes in Android 10, a set of privacy and security features and changes focused on the developer. Google will launch two more developer advances

and three children before the launch of the stable Android 11. Meanwhile, we are competing with the latest version to discover everything new that will come out in the next version of Android. We have already seen a series of future features at the launch, including a new enhanced touch sensitivity option for the Pixel 4 series, a new touch of motion detection to stop the music, a new design history page, a new Includes views Preview screenshots and more. General Chat Chat Lounge Now, we have discovered new code cables in Pixel Launcher for Android 11 that point to an upcoming feature called “hotset”.

The latest version of Pixel Launcher recommends your activity-based applications. These suggestions appear as a row of applications in the bottom row of the current application and in the top row inside the app drawer (as seen in the screenshots below). The next hotset function configures this behavior and shows the suggested application space on the home screen. These recommended applications are based on their use and change the final result of the applications on the home screen.

According to the code, Google will give users the option to choose a new feature and anchor applications to the hotset, which is the bottom row of applications or the dock on the home screen. When configuring this function, users will see some tips on how it works, including fixing applications at the access point, hiding suggested applications and manually removing applications. The code also mentions a pin prediction function, which probably suggests applications that set it to the hotset depending on its use.

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