OnePlus 7 will not have an official IP rating for water / dust resistance

OnePlus has been infinitely marketing its latest flagship, the OnePlus 7. And today, we have a rather unusual test video on the phone.

OnePlus continues its long tradition of not obtaining an IP rating for their phones, stating that they are simply additional costs added to the phone and are not really necessary.

IP Classification and its benefits

For those who do not know, an IP rating is a standard for rating the degree of protection a device has against dust, water and accidental contact. Phones with water / dust resistance generally have an IP rating that tells us how much water / dust the phone can hold before frying.

In the video, a OnePlus 7 Pro is simply dropped into a bucket of water to show us that there will be no IP rating for this phone, but it will still be water resistant.

OnePlus 7 will not have an official IP rating for water  dust resistanceNot covered by the guarantee

Yes, our phones will cost less as a result and that is definitely welcome, but without an IP rating, we do not really know how water resistant the phone is. We certainly do not want to throw it in a bucket of water to find out. Especially since OnePlus made sure to inform us that your warranty does not cover damage caused by water.

We know that an IP rating would be the simplest way to demonstrate the capacity of our phone, but certification does not help us communicate our focus on their actual experience, so we created this direct and relatable video to show you what our water is. Resistant quality can actually give you in your real life in a more powerful way.

As it seems, OnePlus seems to want us to blindly rely on its super scientific and reliable water tank test instead of a real standardized IP rating.