New Eid Collection 2019 Hits By Rozina Munib (5)

New Eid Collection 2019 Hits By Rozina Munib

If there is anything we know about Rozina Munib, it is that they continue to capitalize on its versatile aesthetic with each new collection they present. Each piece exudes feminine charm and encourages today’s women to improve their style of play or mix their tastes and find the perfect silhouette. This Eid, adorns some of its exquisite kafta or silhouettes according to your new Eid collection.

You have the color palette par excellence that includes the classics such as ivory, mint green and peach. You have bold colors like black, purple and gray. Each one is frozen with stunning details, including pearls, sequins, beads and many more! So, whether you feel like a windy but sophisticated kaftaan or a totally ornate and elegant ensemble, Rozina Munib’s Eid collection has you covered! Scroll down to see more.