Misha Lakhani Oozes Cultural Eid Collection 2018 (12)Misha Lakhani Oozes Cultural Eid Collection 2018

Misha Lakhani Oozes Cultural Eid Collection 2018. The Misha Lakhani brand has strived to be a modern and luxurious brand that incorporates the craftsmanship techniques of careful craftsmanship and experimentation in the fabric. Since launching in 2012, Misha Lakhani has always been a daring and adventurous brand, while surprising its followers with avant-garde collections featuring juxtaposed color combinations, meticulous manual work, and feminine luxury.

Our personal favorite of the collection is Alisha Kurti, a simple blue midnight kurta combined with a richly embroidered dupatta decorated by craftsmen from rural Sindh. A timeless piece that your wardrobe will thank you for! Scroll down to see what we’re talking about.Misha Lakhani Oozes Cultural Eid Collection 2018 (2)

His new Eid collection, which opens throughout the country on June 1, is inspired by the beauty and romance of Sindh’s interior. We introduce you, Chashme Shahi. Miraka by Misha Lakhani presents a traditional color palette, a cultural touch for each outfit, as well as intricate embroidery and cuts. The collection presents different dimensions of cotton, such as light cotton, ivory, and hand-woven, which allows the Misha Lakhani woman to feel fresh and elegant while wearing it.