Misha Lakhani Bridals take all the stops

Misha Lakhani Bridals take all the stops (15)Misha Lakhani Bridals take all the stops

Misha Lakhani has always been known for her meticulously designed boyfriends, who not only make an unforgettable statement but adhere to the old school fashion. His new collection, Pairidaeza, celebrates freedom and versatility. Its characteristic craftsmanship is present along with a strong emphasis on reinterpreting traditional motifs in a contemporary way. It is both romantic and modern and will make every bride faint. The collection not only has a range of beautiful brides but also hand-embroidered miniatures and backless khussas with jewels, which are in collaboration with Mikasa. It’s color palette is strong and subtle, from classic ivory to corals, reds, and blacks. The collection features cutting-edge dividers that include crushed ghagras and trimmed izaars, as well as skinny shalwaars and draped skirts with fine-cut jackets. This haute couture collection really brings out all the stops. Scroll down to see more…

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