Markhor Collection at HUM 2019 By Deepak and Fahad (3)Markhor Collection at HUM 2019 By Deepak and Fahad

The young designer duo Deepak and Fahad exhibited their Markhor collection at the Pantene HUM Showcase 2019 in Karachi. We live in a world where we constantly seek the best for ourselves. in this process, we sometimes forget the damage we are causing to all the other creatures with which we share this planet. This season, Deepak and Fahad have struggled to highlight the epidemic of endangered species, the magnificent winged and horned creatures that make our world beautiful, but that is slowly disappearing. With this collection, we have used intricate embroideries and patterns to give voice to those without a voice and emphasize the need to protect, conserve and respect. Fashion is not just making clothes; it’s about starting a conversation … Let’s unite to improve our world.