Luxury Silk Wear Collection 2018 by Farida Hasan (1)
Luxury Silk Wear Collection 2018 by Farida Hasan

Luxury Silk Wear Collection 2018 by Farida Hasan. Farida Hasan has always been famous for creating colorful cakes and elegant flowers. Each collection they have presented has been versatile and luxurious. Her new collection talks about her creativity in terms of combining different fabrics with flowers, and we love it.

The collection, Seta Foir, presents luxury silk suits that are perfect for Eid, but also for the ifari that you have aligned with your family and friends. They are even windy enough to have fun while you’re on summer vacation. The florals are dreamers. The patterns are digital. The fabric is the best type of silk. What we like the most about the collection is the diverse feeling it brings. Some of his caftan take him through an exotic journey through the dunes of Morocco. Some will take you to Italy and Japan.

Luxury Silk Wear Collection 2018 by Farida Hasan (5)Farida Hasan Luxury Silk Wear Collection 2018

Each one is carefully adorned with sparkling crystals that add that glamorous element to your appearance. The color palette is friendly for summer, with aquamarine, lilac, and lemon. The trousers adapt to all styles, whether it be a pearl shalwar, flowing trousers or an elegant crop. Each one can be designed in many ways. So have fun with that! If you’re the type of girl looking for bright colors to wear during the summer months, then you’ve found a fun and fun collection to choose from right here. Made for each girl, each piece is timeless and will be your closet’s best friend. It will be launched on Saturday, May 26th online and in Lahore at 148 A Abu Bakr.