Lovely “Elaheh” collection by Farah Talib Aziz with Ayeza Khan

Lovely Elaheh collection by Farah Talib Aziz with Ayeza Khan (7)Lovely “Elaheh” collection by Farah Talib Aziz with Ayeza Khan

Farah Talib Aziz is a formal clothing designer whose exuberant work effeminate opulence, adorned with her signature embroidery and floral motifs. This wedding season, the designer collaborated with the beautiful actress Ayeza Khan for her latest collection “Elaheh”; a range that will make any bride look like royalty on her special day. Impressive audiences with intricate details and a strong sense of beauty, Farah Talib Aziz creates classic luxury pieces that modernize traditions and serve as precious legacies. Its design philosophy is to magnify femininity, with the help of draped fabrics and expert craftsmen, while maintaining an elegant sophistication. Your eye to mix unique color combinations is exquisite and your experience has really shone in this collection, combining shades of burnt orange with magenta, emerald greens. Infusing exquisite reds with gilded gold and do not forget their precious cakes in pink tea, lavender and bright silver. Their silhouettes are classic with a contemporary touch ensuring that there is something special for each bride. A versatile collection and one that we adore; Take a look at the complete looks below…

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