Latest update of Galaxy Note9 improves the camera

Latest update of Galaxy Note9 improves the cameraLatest update of Galaxy Note9 improves the camera

Samsung Galaxy Note series is always considered one of the best and most advanced series of smartphones. The latest smartphone in this series is Note9, which comes with many extraordinary specifications. However, everything is not always perfect. To keep the phone more updated, companies offer different updates. The company has recently introduced an update for Note9 for a better camera. Now the latest update of Galaxy Note9 brings some more amazing features.

The new update brings many interesting features. The main feature is the improvement in the camera department. Now users can capture more detailed shots in low light situations with less noise compared to the existing scene optimizer. By having an expensive smartphone in your hand when you like photography, but can not take enriching photos, it means that your money is wasted. I think an expensive smartphone should have this feature.

In addition, the update also includes a built-in QR code scanner. This scanner will be available directly in the camera application. The update will also include the Night mode to make the phone more useful in the Night. Night mode helps you read the content at night on your phone. How much more brightness can damage your sight. So, basically, this update is quite fruitful. In addition, the new update also brings the June security patch and stability improvements.

The update began to be implemented in Germany and weighs only 704 MB.

Latest update of Galaxy Note9 improves the camera

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