Lakhna’u Festive Wear Collection By Zainab Salman

Lakhna’u Festive Wear Collection By Zainab Salman (7)Lakhna’u Festive Wear Collection By Zainab Salman

Zainab Salman captivates us with her unique “Lakhna Festive Collection” just in time for the non-stop wedding season! With the cold weather on us and the festive season in full swing, one only wants to wear something modern but elegant. Immaculately sewn and easy to transport; Zainab Salman sets are full of real winter colors, pure and rich textures and handmade embroidery. The designer’s choice of curtains and silhouettes structured in earth tones and magenta gems, midnight blue, cranberry red and teal has left us without options. Intricate embroidery, drop and dabka finishes and pearl details, Zainab Salman has surpassed herself.

Lakhna’u Festive Wear Collection By Zainab Salman (12)

His entire collection is giving us great glamorous wedding vibes! For all those looking for elegant and glamorous outfits, this designer has ordered it. We have our eyes on their blue-green kaalidar eyelashes: the traditional amalgamated outfit with ornaments of old age and contemporary design makes this look a prominent place in our list of successes. Don his impressive magenta outfit presents all the creations of mehndi’s perfect outfit, with chatapatti, drop and a tie-dye dupatta; Complete your look with an elegant bow and a pair of jhumka earrings and you’ll be ready to dance all night. So, ladies, there you have it, look no further when it comes to ideal wedding clothes and check out the mandatory Zainab Salman collection below…

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