Jacquard Fabric Summer Collection 2020 By Gul Ahmed

Jacquard Fabric Summer Collection 2020 By Gul Ahmed (1)Jacquard Fabric Summer Collection 2020 By Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed has always been known for his quality fabrics that have kept his timeless pieces. A particular fabric that is still trending is Jacquard. Your new SS20 Summer Lawn collection has an exclusive jacquard edition known as Jacquard embroidered Taani that will surely set the trend! The quality of the fabric along with its beautiful patterns and colors, as well as its ability to create a signature, speak of the aesthetics of the Gul Ahmed brand. The collection’s line of pieces is a mixture of calm tones, innovative patterns and incandescent fabrics that come together so that the Gul Ahmed woman creates trends! Scroll down to see more. The jacquard fabric has always been a trusted companion when it comes to dressing for the season. Its vitality and delicate embroidery also play a very important role in this.

It is the whole aspect that makes one create a signature and adhere to an old-school aspect. The Taani embroidered jacquard is very ethnic with colors such as blue, orange, pink and black along with gold and silver tones that give it a completely new look. Jacquard’s ingenuity is fully exploited in this collection, mainly for its style and how beautifully adorned it is. What we like most is how these pieces can be used for any type of event. This season has to do with jacquard fashion, so we suggest creating some sets of the Taani embroidered Jacquard collection by Gul Ahmed. The angle without sewing allows you to play your overall appearance. You can now buy your favorite jacquard designs from your website with FREE home delivery or go to the nearest GulAhmed store.

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