It’s official: Apple will become the first $ 1 billion company in the world

It’s official: Apple will become the first $ 1 billion company in the world

It’s official: Apple will become the first $ 1 billion company in the world,A select number of companies are competing to become the first trillion dollar company in the world, and it seems that Apple leads the race with a current value of around $ 869 billion.The contenders include Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook. Apple’s lead comes from its iPhone and iOS technologies that are about $ 140 billion more than Alphabet.

This amazing fact really expresses the genius of Steve Jobs. Job It's official Apple will become the first $ 1 billion company in the worldreturned to Apple in 1997 when the company was close to bankruptcy and thanks to visionary leadership changed the direction of Apple.

What separates Apple from this prestigious title is 15%. Apple needs an additional 15% shared value to tip the scales in its favor. Apple’s last price was $ 172.26, which closed 2017 with a 47% growth in value.

What makes Apple so successful? According to Wedgewood’s investment director, partners David Rolfe, a $ 25bn fund management company, Apple raises an enormous gross profit of 80% of its smartphone categories. According to Rolphe, global domination of a large market has not been as successful since the days of Rockefeller and Standard Oil.

US Investment Magazine Barron’s says Apple is ready for another prestigious year and expects it to surpass the 41tn barrier during 2018. While equity analyst Hargreaves Lansdown George Salmon says it’s only a matter of time before one of the technology companies Americans cross the billions of dollars barrier, with Apple leading the pack. Since the stock markets are volatile, anything can happen, and when it does it affects all the companies traded, so if the market has a correction, all stocks will maintain their peer, but the gap between them and the trillion dollars will eventually close.

Third, Microsoft with a value of $ 664 billion, however, Amazon continues to surprise everyone, and this great company could steal the day with each increasing logistics and online sales skill. While Apple could be the richest company, it’s Steve Bezos of Amazon who holds the title of the richest man in the world with an incredible value of $ 99 billion. In fact, so remarkable is Bezos’ holding that the day Amazon recorded its profits, Bezo’s value increased by $ 10.3bn. Amazon is worth $ 566bn.

Facebook is not far with a value of $ 520bn. However, when you compare the marketing mix of leaders and the volatility of the markets, Apple is by far the best bet to win, since the pair between Apple and Amazon is $ 300bn.

Having said that, a recent report showed that all microchip processors from Intel, AMD and Arm were designed with a serious security flaw that affected the entire global economy. Basically, all computers and electronic platforms that have a processor from one of these companies are infected. How this will affect the price value of Apple, Apple and Microsoft have not yet been seen, the same applies to any company that bets on its income in chip technology. While cloud-based or software-based technologies are easier to replace, all they have to do is transfer their systems to a new server system based on an approved and reliable chip. Actually, this is more difficult than it seems, but it is easier than replacing a complete inventory of product categories.

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